Anju vs. Seema Haider: Understanding the difference

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On July 24th, a case has parallels to that of Seema Haider, the Pakistani mother who traveled to India with her four children to visit her boyfriend, came to light. The Indian lady in this story has traveled to Pakistan to be with her Pakistani boyfriend. Anju, a 35-year-old lady from Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, ostensibly went to Jaipur last Sunday. But when Arvind found out the awful truth that she had gone to Pakistan when their kid was unwell, he contacted Anju and asked when she would be returning. Anju told him that she was now in Pakistan but would be returning shortly. Kailor, Uttar Pradesh seems to be Anju’s hometown.

anju and seema hadier

Reportedly, Anju said that she was visiting Jaipur for a friend’s wedding. On Sunday, though, she phoned to let her husband know that she had arrived in Lahore. Neither the reason she traveled to Lahore nor how she obtained her visa was known to Arvind. Arvind stated the situation was different from that of Seema Haider since Anju had proper documentation and his wife assured him she would be back in two to three days.

Arvind is in denial and has asked his kids whether they want to live with Anju or not. He claims this is the first time Anju has left the house without telling anybody. Arvind thinks Anju has been dishonest with him. He proposes calling a family meeting with Anju’s parents to discuss future steps.

Anju Reached Pakistan News

Arvind has asked the authorities to let Anju back in if she has the proper documentation. He shared with BBC Hindi that the couple tied the knot in 2007 and now has a son, age 7, and a daughter, age 15. Since Arvind trusted his partner, he never examined her phone.

She applied for a passport, but the police had no record of it.

Anju submitted a passport application in 2020, but nobody at the local police station knew about it. The inquiry into this case is ongoing, and if it is determined that her passport or other papers are forged, legal action will be taken under the Passport Act and other applicable provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

A proposal from Nasrullah to Anju

It had been said that Anju, a native of Upper Dir, traveled to the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to be with her 29-year-old boyfriend, Nasrullah. They liked each other right away after meeting on Facebook four years ago. Anju told the Pakistani officials that she needed Nasrullah to survive while she was being questioned. Anju, unlike Seema, has a valid passport and a Visa that will keep her in Pakistan for another 30 days. To comply with the law, Anju had to stop by the police station in Upper Dir Bala and provide her identification as an Indian citizen legally present in Pakistan. She went to see him with her husband, Nasrullah.

Anju and nasrullah got married

Nasrullah told BBC Urdu, “In the next two to three days, Anju and I will be engaged legally, and then after ten to twelve days, she goes back to India, and then she returns again for the wedding. This is the intimate story of my wife Anju and myself. We don’t want anybody messing with it. We are making an effort to avoid the press as well.

Nasrullah, though, insisted that Anju’s parents saw no issue with him. He said that they will get engaged in Pakistan and marry thereafter, as reported by BBC Urdu. According to BBC Urdu, the couple will officially become engaged in two to three days, and then Anju would go back to India about ten to twelve days later. The future of Anju’s marriage to Narsullah is uncertain since she is already married in India.


There are no limits to love. Seema Haider, a Pakistani mother, and her four kids had set off for India on a trip to be with their father, Sachin, whom they had met for the first time on the online battle royale game PUBG. As we’ve established, Anju is a married Indian lady who traveled to Pakistan to be with Narullah. The most recent of such cases is a Sri Lankan lady who traveled to Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, to wed her Indian boyfriend. Sri Lankan-born Vigneshwari wed her Facebook-met Indian boyfriend Lakshman in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, six years ago. As of July 8, 2023, Vigneshwari entered the country with a tourist visa and landed in Chennai. They committed to one another and took their relationship to the next level on July 20. At the moment, Vigneshwari lives in Venkatagirikota with Laxman. 

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