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Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” an extravagant summer spectacle, strikes the perfect balance between eye candy and weighty concerns. Having such meticulous attention to detail in every scene, the film is a visual feast and a delight to see. The innovative and vibrant production design and costume design are well suited to Barbie’s status as a dynamic cultural icon. Rodrigo Prieto, the film’s cinematographer, provides the picture a professional sheen that enhances its overall look and feel.

barbie movie review

Barbie: Tracing The Lovable Character

Throughout her decades-long career, Barbie has inspired many dolls, and this film brings many of them to life, imbuing them with Barbie’s own infectious energy and sense of humour. The finished film is so amusing that there are many instances when audiences are literally rolling on the floor with laughter. Although some of the film’s most original elements may have been disclosed by the extensive advertising campaign, there is still a lot to enjoy.

Barbie and Ken

Throughout the course of the play, Barbie (Margot Robbie) has an existential crisis. When it comes to dolls, nobody compares to Barbie. For answers, Barbie embarks on a journey to the real world with her “sort-of boyfriend” Ken (Ryan Gosling), whose happiness hinges on her approval. During the course of the adventure, both protagonists learn to cope with harsh realities and make new companions, fusing the actual world with the fantastic in a manner that is uniquely Gerwigian.


The film deftly acknowledges Barbie as a feminist icon while simultaneously pointing out that her body proportions are incorrect. It acknowledges the impact that Barbie has on young girls’ body image and celebrates the revolutionary things she’s done, like becoming the first female astronaut before any actual women. And to show that it can be funny as well as socially critical, “Barbie” skillfully inserts jokes that poke fun at Mattel and Warner Bros.

The outstanding cast of the fascinating movie

Margot Robbie’s performance as Barbie is effective because it finds the sweet spot between sarcasm and sincerity. She delivers an upbeat performance that captures the unwavering and excessive cheerfulness necessary for Barbie’s sugary universe. Ryan Gosling steals the show as Ken, hilariously switching between a clingy lover and a macho buffoon. Gosling’s turn as Ken is one of the film’s shining points.

This film has an outstanding cast with such talents as Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Alexandra Shipp, and Simu Liu. Each actor gives his or her Ken or Barbie a unique personality and depth, creating a rich and dynamic ensemble.

barbie movie come out

Although “Barbie” covers a lot of ground, the story doesn’t always flow smoothly. When the film shifts from its comedic opening to its more somber second act, the action slows down considerably. Gerwig’s desire to convey her views on toxic masculinity, entitlement, female confidence, and collaboration often leads to exposition that is both superfluous and distracting.

One long speech in the third act on the complexities of being a woman may come out as preachy and heavy-handed to some viewers, despite the play’s intelligence. Despite a few errors here and there, the film succeeds because it offers not just entertainment but also thought-provoking material.


Overall, “Barbie” is a fascinating and thought-provoking picture that succeeds in both entertaining and stimulating meaningful discussions. This attests to the movie’s widespread appeal. It’s a great summer blockbuster because it combines artistically amazing visuals with humorous satire and social critique. Like sneaking veggies into a delicious dessert, “Barbie” offers more than it looks on the surface.

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