How to take screenshots on laptop, desktop, using windows,  macOS, or linux

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Taking a screenshot on the phone is quite an easy thing. However the same often turns out as a common question when asked in case of laptops or desktops. There are several ways one can take by which one can take screenshots on their laptops or desktop computers these ways range from using appropriate combination of symbols short opening apps designed to crop print rotate annotate the image that one has captured from their screen however the faster of all ways is using an appropriate combination of symbols

Taking Screenshot On Laptop Using Windows

  • Open the app website or the image you want to capture on your laptop or desktop screen. 
  • use the combination of Windows logo plus shift + S keys together until the screen appears dimmed. 
screenshot in windows
  • use your mouse to select the area you want to take your screenshot to or select the full screen option at the top of the screen tool to take a complete screenshot. 

Taking Screenshot On Laptop Using MAC OS

  • Open the app or website or the image you want to capture the screenshot of
  • Use the combination of shift + command + 3 keys together to capture the entire screen
  • Additionally you can also press shift + command + 4 keys to capture a particular portion of the screen y
  • You can then drag and select the area where you want to take this screenshot
  • View your desktop to see the latest screenshot and accordingly edit the screenshot in a suitable manner.

Taking Screenshot On Laptop Using LINUX

  • If you are running a modern Linux distribution press the print key
  • click screen or Window to capture the whole screen or specific window respectively. 
  • You can also select Selection to capture part of the screen.
  • You can then use your mouse to click and drag until a suitable area is selected.
  • Go to the pictures option and then to screenshot to view the captured image or you can paste it into any other App using ctrl + V

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