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Our very own King of Bollywood is back with another amazing entertainer in a more fit and dramatic manner. Shah Rukh Khan, the ruling Badshah in the hearts of people across the world, has been consequently delivering exceptional performances in the category of masala entertainers. His role in his next movie Jawan comes after his jaw-dropping role in the recent hit Pathaan. Thus Jawan falls nothing short of high expectations. This film as of now is being helmed as one of the top industry hits to be witnessed in recent times. Furthermore, this movie has a cast with a mix of leading actors from Mumbai as well as the south industry. Such a holistic and entertaining blend of actors adds to the entertainment element of the film. 



The film follows Vikram Rathore (Shah Rukh Khan), an Indian soldier who takes an unorthodox approach to doing good. He takes over a tube car and holds the occupants hostage. Vikram makes his desires known to Narmada (Nayanthara), an agent with the NSG. Khaali Gaikwad (Vijay Sethupathi), a prominent businessman and arms trader, comes to her attention as Vikram Rathore’s intended victim. The soldier’s link to Khaali is mysterious. What role does Azad Rathore’s (Shah Rukh Khan) kid play in his father’s story? This is the story being told in the movie.

Analyzing the early reviews

Following are our preliminary observations about the success rate of the movie based on the reviews of early movie watchers. Continue reading more to know about both positive as well as not-so-good-looking aspects of the film.

Analyzing the early reviews

Positive points

Positive points

The movie has as its cast a few of the most brilliant actors this country has ever seen. It has Shah Rukh Khan, Vijay Sethupati, and Nayanthara (to name a few) acted in major roles in the movie. These actors bring their unique acting persona and fan base to add to the cumulative charm that this film ensues. 

  • The movie is exclusively made to celebrate Indian taste. Of late there have not been many movies, that have delivered performances that the masala lovers of our country will like. Jawan however comes to the rescue. This is so because this movie has been made exclusively for enjoying the big screen experience and has plenty of whistle-worthy moments all throughout. This movie can make the audience go crazy. Starting from the sizzling dance moves to the enticing and thrilling action sequences, this movie covers it all. 
  • At the outset, it goes without saying that King Khan has again delivered a spectacular performance on the big screen. His amazing acting skills and funny scenes have made the movie an amazing hit already among many viewers. This movie also promises some amazing action scenes. 
  • Vijay looks lovely in his role as the weapon dealer. He enjoys every bit of his role and consequently delivers a breathtaking performance. His dialogue delivery, mannerisms, and acting skills are a treat to the eyes. His confrontation scenes and bitter battle with King Khan acted out well and in favor of the overall entertainment of the movie. 
  • Nayanthara has great chemistry with the camera and delivers a terrific performance. The tale is advanced by a cameo appearance by Deepika Padukone, which was very well done. The finest thing is that Atlee did not skimp on the climactic sequences and yet managed to deliver emotionally in the first half. In the first hour, we got just the appropriate amount of both action and emotion.

Negative points

Negative points

The film contains an important social message, however, it is not conveyed very well. The first half’s emotional impact was strong, and the Deepika-centric passages in the second half were also wonderfully realized. Despite its impressive heights and breathtaking action sequences, the film’s intended profound message is not communicated adequately. The editing in the second part could have used some work.

The film’s plot isn’t very original, therefore there are points when it becomes predictable. Some purposefully exaggerated moments were used to please the largest possible audience. Some were quite outstanding, while others fell back on tired tropes. The music video for “Faraatta,” which featured Shah Rukh and Deepika, looked terrible. Like other blockbuster films, this one requires you to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.


Directed by


Screenplay by


Dialogues by

Sumit Arora 

Story by


Produced by

Gauri Khan

Gaurav Verma


Shah Rukh Khan 


Vijay Sethupathi 

Edited by


Music by

Anirudh Ravichander

Production Company 

Red Chillies Entertainment

Release date

7 September 2023

Running time

169 minutes






Rupees 300 Crores 

Estimated box office

Estimated box office

Jawan as expected is already doing amazing on the Box office. In its initial days of release alone, this movie is expected has cross 200 crore rupees of collection. Released in multiple languages, this movie is already witnessing exceptional earnings. On the first day itself, the movie saw an earning of a whopping 75 crore rupees. The movie is seeing a bounce back in the collection owing to the ongoing weekend. On day 3, around 11 lakh tickets have been sold and it is expected that the cinemas will be hosting over 20,000 shows. Seeing the present, earning rate of the movie it can be reasonably expected that the movie is set to be a super duper hit. 


It can thus be said that the plot though similar to various other stories in the movie industry, promises an interesting and entertaining thriller to the individuals. The movie is well directed. It has an amazing cast, bringing to one screen skills from Mumbai as well as the south film industry. Thus the one thing that the movie promises is undoubtedly amazing acting, drama, and most importantly, THRILL. 

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