Top 10 Education Websites For Students

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Learning is made fun and easy by video lectures, quizzes, and assignments, and a thriving online community that is encouraged to make use of discussion boards. The platform allows students from all around the globe to study whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

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Need for Educational Websites

A robust educational website in India is essential for closing the knowledge gap, increasing digital literacy, and facilitating distance education among the country’s vastly dispersed population. Especially in underserved areas, it has the potential to equip people with the information, training, and connections they need to improve their lives and the economy as a whole.

Top 10 educational websites for students

Here is a rundown of the 10 best educational websites.


Millions of students in India use this website and its companion app to learn about a wide range of subjects. It’s a large and varied resource for learning-related inquiries at every level of education. 

You may use it to enroll in classes or prepare for standardized tests. You may get it through their website or mobile app. You may access both paid and free stuff on their site.

Here are a few examples of the perks that are provided by Byju’s: 

  • Technology and Science
  • Classroom Instruction
  • GRE Preparation Materials


Udemy is another well-known platform where people can take courses and learn a wide range of subjects. Here, you may expand your knowledge in a variety of areas by enrolling in online classes. There are premium and free classes available for your use on the site.

Here are a few examples of the perks offered here:

  • Completely Free Linux Tutorial for Novices
  • Course in Ad Designing
  • Course in Front-End Development

Khan Academy

You can study just about anything on Khan Academy, a prominent online learning site. They use the free study resources offered to their members in the form of videos, blogs, articles, and the like. 

It is one of the top educational websites available today and provides a great environment for students to learn. You may browse their site without being bothered by advertisements or other distractions.

Studies offered:

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Information Technology 
  • Economics and Finance 
  • Science and technology 
khan acedemy


Coursera is another well-liked online learning site where students may take their pick from a variety of courses without having to leave the house. You may benefit from the website’s wealth of information on a wide range of themes and issues. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, much like other academic portals.

Courses offered – 

  • Learning English to Advance Your Profession
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Science


edX is an online learning platform that offers students access to thousands of hours of high-quality, open educational resources. Numerous courses taught by academics and educators from prestigious institutions throughout the world are included. Visit their website to learn more about these and other features.

Courses offered:

  • Harvard University’s Guide to Computing
  • Columbia University’s Artificial Intelligence Project
  • UC Berkeley’s “Happiness Course”

Open Culture

A wide variety of Open Culture courses are available at no cost to users. These lectures are presented by distinguished academics and lecturers from prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Stanford, UCLA, and Columbia.

It’s accessible and comprehensive, covering as many disciplines as science, business, economics, the arts, and more.

Here are a few examples of the features:

  • Culture
  • History 
  • Astronomy 
  • Biology


Aglasem is a student advisory platform that provides students with counseling, advice, notes, study tools, and more. Both ICSE and CBSE-related topics, as well as advanced college readings, are included. 

If you are preparing for a state or national competitive test and need some pointers or study notes, you may find them here as well. 

Here are a few examples of the features:

  • Exam Updates
  • Class Notes
  • NCERT Answers

The CA Club of India

Students interested in accounting, business, and finance may find a supportive learning community at The CA Club. Check out this online learning hub if you need some direction in the realms of CA or CS. 

It also has a wealth of informative articles and provides a forum for students to pose their questions to subject matter experts.

Here are a few examples of the features :

  • News and Articles
  • Updates & News 
  • Community Forums


Unacademy is widely regarded as India’s best online learning platform. Many well-known professionals in various areas of study are serving as instructors. You may discover a broad range of subjects covered in live, recorded, and free sessions.

Unacademy is a membership-based online learning platform that also has a mobile app.

Few of the courses offered:

  • Classes in Economics for the UPSC Exam
  • Aptitude Training for the SSC and Bank Exams 
  • Live Sessions with Legends on Unacademy

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